Purdy and Chase

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Original comedy. Private investigating duo Pen Purdy and Daisy Chase negotiate the heady mix of insurance fraud and mystery shopping in small town Wexton. Visit wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk for more great comedy.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Purdy and Chase Episode 4

    In our final episode ‘Texas, Maybe’ Pen and Daisy are beginning to show signs of competence.  As they embark on a future together, we are left feeling that it could all start to work out for them both in Wexton, maybe. A peculiar pair thrown into unusual situations, ...


  2. Purdy and Chase Episode 3

    ‘Eyes Wide Open’. We finally meet Daisy’s boyfriend, Matt as he helplessly gets drawn into the investigative world of Purdy & Chase, while Pen is finally on a date with Izzy (when she’s not in the loo). As the evening progresses, it’s more than friendship that brings them ...


  3. Purdy and Chase Episode 2

    ‘The Honeymooners’. New private investigating duo and best friends Pen Purdy and Daisy Chase are mystery shoppers at The Shingle Hotel, small town Wexton.  As Pen gets acquainted with the mini-bar and a maroon velvet jumpsuit, Daisy finds the guests at the Hotel are all too familiar.   ...